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4 Point Navel Piercing (male) Piercing Picture Picture
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4 Point Navel Piercing (male)
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4 Point Navel Piercing (male)

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hi wow i have to say i love the piercings well cool x
05.21.2010 00:20 Offline


Category: Piercings
Description: Most people consider the navel a "female only" piercing area. Well I decided to prove people wrong and most of the people I knew that were skeptical about me getting this really liked it after all was said and done. It looks good with other piercings and also looks good with the tat I'm getting currently. So any guys out there looking to get a navel piercing, I say go for it. Just don't be gay with it... No dangly shit. But honestly, I really like mine and so does my girl ;). Most people assume it's a girls only area to pierce
Member: Aggression
Image Type: My piercings
Studio Name: River City Tattoo Co.
Location of piercing: Bellybutton
Did it hurt? 2
Votes Avg(Total) 8.10 (139 Vote(s))
Tags navel, belly, button, piercing, guy, male, four, point, multiple
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