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A Fire Inside Tattoo Picture
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A Fire Inside
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A Fire Inside

Author: Comment:

i love davey!!!

i heart him forever!!!you should be proud of that tattoo!!!
06.08.2008 01:15 Offline


Category: Hearts
Description: The musical love of my life is the band AFI and has been for years. In honor to how their music touched my life I got a similar tat to Davey's chest piece on my own chest a few days before I went to go see them. On top of that, the heart on fire represents never giving up.. Its unique, and my hero has a similar tat
Member: sxgt
Image Type: My tattoos
Studio Name: Twisted Images
Artist Name: Vinnie
Location of tattoo: Chest
Did it hurt? 10
Votes Avg(Total) 5.48 (133 Vote(s))
Tags heart, blue, fire, flames, chest
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Locations: ankle, arm, back, butt, chest, face, feet, hands, leg, lower back, neck, ribs, stomach, upper back, wrist