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After Session Tattoo Picture
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After session
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After session

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Category: Family
Description: The only truely painfull part of this tattoo was the spine work. I burst into tears while Leisje was going over my spine, the lovely thing about the experience was that it is fabled to release energy blocks while being tattoed over your heart. All in all a great experience, and i cant wait to get the colours and red lines done. cheers. Family reasons
Member: DreadGod
Image Type: My tattoos
Studio Name: Illict
Artist Name: Leisje
Did it hurt? 7
Votes Avg(Total) 5.91 (174 Vote(s))
Tags munro, clan, scottish, maori, new, zealand
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Locations: ankle, arm, back, butt, chest, face, feet, hands, leg, lower back, neck, ribs, stomach, upper back, wrist