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Alamo Texas Flag Mason Tattoo Picture
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Alamo Texas Flag Mason
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Alamo Texas Flag Mason

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Wow, that's one busy piece. Kind of hard to get the effect of any one thing (ie. son's , sun & moon, masonic symbol) because the whole piece looks like one jumble. I think some of this stuff would have been better served as separate pieces.
11.07.2007 22:04 Offline


Category: United States
Description: My family, Daniel William Cloud fought and died at the Alamo. The Alamo is a tribute to him along with the Texas Flag. I'm also a Mason and included the Masonic Symbol over the Flag as well as the Sun and Moon. The Skull and Latin saying is from a Knights Templar ring, "Whom Virture Has United, Death Shall Not Seperate." Also the names of my 2 sons.. Family Died at the Alamo - Tribute
Member: jbcloud
Image Type: My tattoos
Studio Name: Happy Dragon
Artist Name: Turtle
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Votes Avg(Total) 7.90 (31 Vote(s))
Tags Texas, Flag, Alamo, Mason, Masonic, Templar, Knight, Knights, Tribute, Texan
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