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Big Blue Guy
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Big Blue Guy

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i will be back !

this is a very unusual tat person --oh well he must love blue !
05.20.2008 10:02 Offline

i like your work....

i woke up one morning in baltimore....after a long night of doing well..."no good"

i walked onto the elevator....& was greeted by Mr. Enigma...i had no idea i was about to teleport into my first Tattoo convention, completely unknowingly.

I suppose it was meant to be....I was supposed to get some wicked tats ;-)

Something tell's me I'll end up dropping by your shop for some work....I loved your "Cappin Spalding"
07.18.2011 08:03 Offline


Category: Studio Pictures
Description: Me tattooing some big blue guy who dropped by Ink City one day. Before you wise asses say anything, NO, that uncovered spray bottle in the background is NOT being touched during this tattoo. It's just a bottle of witchhazel that I sometimes use on oily skin when I prep. I assure you my greensoap is covered and sits just outside the frame behind Enigma's left shoulder. This photo also marks the first and only time I've ever used a disposable tube. This was at the clients request, and he supplied both the tube and his own bottle of blue ink..
Member: MattCrunk
Image Type: Tattoo work
Studio Name: Ink City Tattoo
Location of tattoo: Ribs
Votes Avg(Total) 6.86 (22 Vote(s))
Tags Matt, Crunk, Ink, City, InkCity, The, Enigma, Alabama
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