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Butterfly fairy coverup
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Butterfly fairy coverup

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very nice!

I love fairies. that's good work!
10.12.2005 02:51 Offline tomok16 at

looks good

i like it my cousin had that done one time he had a spider on his arm to cover up his ex-girlfriends name but if you very closely you can still see some of her name but i don't see any letters in your looks good they did a good job
10.31.2006 18:23 Offline

I had my ex, now passed away husbands name covered

I wish I could say I was happy with the cover up and I wish I could say I am glad his name is gone, the husband I had it covered for after having a very nice piece with hiss name in it, said and I quote, "I can't stand looking at your back with his name on it, you need to cover it." I did they did a shitty job and then he past away. 2 months to the day of his passing, my husband I did this for and had a 14yr marriage walked. 2 months to the day!! So, my heart cry's i can never see that on me again and the new one bite's!!! Glad yours is so pretty. Tam
08.09.2008 11:00 Offline


Category: Fairies
Description: I had this done in May 2004 to cover up my ex-husbands name. They did a wonderful job. Pop's Tattoo on Frankford Ave in Philadelphia, PA by Doug. It took about 2 1/2 hours. GREAT JOB!.
Member: hotsadie
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Tags fairy, butterfly, fairy, coverup
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