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High Ogre Elessidia Tattoo Picture
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High Ogre Elessidia
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High Ogre Elessidia

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Category: Characters
Description: Arace from the Dragonlance series books - some back history on her: Said to be one of the few remaining High Ogres to survive both of the comings of Chaos - the transformation caused by the Greygem, and the Chaos War. She is a powerful sorceress and her voice is said to be the most beautiful on Krynn, while her singing rivals that of a god. Unlike most of her brethrin however she is good/neutral aligned and chooses not to meddle in the affairs of Krynn, possibly one explanation for her continued unaltered existance. She is said to dwell on a small island, although the whereabouts of its exact location are still unknown. It is rumoured that others from other races dwell there as well that have also achieved musical perfection. As a result it is also rumoured that the island itself is under Branchala's protection..
Member: Chronamut
Image Type: Tattoo flash
Votes Avg(Total) 3.00 (1 Vote(s))
Tags Elf, Fantasy, Faerie, fairy, High, Ogre, krynn, dragonlance, mythological, fantastical
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Locations: ankle, arm, back, butt, chest, face, feet, hands, leg, lower back, neck, ribs, stomach, upper back, wrist