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In memmory, Sabbus
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In memmory, Sabbus

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Category: Memorial
Description: I sat there, on the floor, legs crossed, with my arm on a table, he put all the light on my arm, and for the most part, i watched in excitement, i was getting my first tattoo, but soon i got sleepy, the endorphin rush was wearing off, so i turned my head to try and keep awake and still, and payed attention mainly to scooby doo and the fact y leg was so aslep i couldnt feel it how hard i flicked it. when it was done, i stood up just fine, shook off the drowsiness, and it looked exactly like i'd wanted it :]. I've decided all of my body art is going to be a reminder to keep going, and this tattoo is the name of a friend who commited suicide, and we were close, and i went through that phase, that could've been me, but i kept going, so whenever i need a pickme up, i look at this tattoo, and it tells me to keep going, for him
Member: JingForlorn
Image Type: My tattoos
Location of tattoo: Arm
Did it hurt? 1
Votes Avg(Total) 5.33 (3 Vote(s))
Tags Sabbus, Sebastian, Nickname
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