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Jerry Garcia And Friends Tattoo Picture
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Jerry Garcia and Friends
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Jerry Garcia and Friends

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Category: Celebrities
Description: When I first started tattooing in Tombstone, Arizona, Mike came to me with his really messed up Thunderskull. It was his test for me to see what I would do with it. He was HOOKED! Next was the circle around the skull and the wings....then Jerry portrait...then the Grateful Dead roses...then the tiny dancing skeletens!.
Member: PattiJo
Image Type: Tattoo work
Studio Name: One Eyed Jacks Tattoos
Votes Avg(Total) 8.11 (43 Vote(s))
Tags Patti, Jo, portraits, portrait, tattoos, tattoos, celebrities, Jerry, Garcia, Grateful, Dead, deadheads, thunderskull, Tombstone, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Missouri, artist, artists, portrait, artists, celebrity, tattoos, Jack, Armstrong, One, Eyed, Jacks,
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