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Miz Dixie Tramp Stamp Tattoo Picture
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Miz Dixie tramp stamp
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Miz Dixie tramp stamp

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I really can't "crack" on this too much...

it's nothing you're proud of and you know it sucks, for that I have to commend you. I've got a soft spot in my heart for exotic dancers, and a hard on as well. I can cover that tat for you, and the rest of your back as well. sorry, couldn't resist.
08.11.2008 08:49 Offline

It's not that bad!!!

I understand it reminds you of a bad place and time in your life but the tattoo is kinda cool. Assuming you are a tall blonde from the south this tattoo will look hot on you (in person).
09.03.2008 01:21 Offline


Category: Patriotic
Description: This is my tramp stamp that I now want to get covered up. My ex-hubby made me get it (he was abusive, so I did what he said so I wouldn't "rock the boat"). It is my stage name from a time when I was an exotic dancer. As soon as I can afford...I will get it covered to rid me of the last of my reminders of him and the bad parts of my life. It is my own design though.... My design, my stage name when I used to dance.
Member: BooBooKittyFuck
Image Type: My tattoos
Location of tattoo: Lowerback
Did it hurt? 1
Votes Avg(Total) 7.21 (100 Vote(s))
Tags tramp, stamp, rebel, flag, dixie, lower, back, color
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