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USAF Special Forces Tattoo Picture
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USAF Special Forces
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USAF Special Forces

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nice tat. would be nicer if it read "special tactics" like AF spec operators are referred to as. Also not to disrespect them by grouping them in the army, marine operators.

what unit you with?
04.06.2009 23:52 Offline


Category: Military
Description: pictures blurry for whatever reason (shitty camera and bad lighting), the smaller banner's really detailed, i'll get a close up of it, tribal'd inside the lettering just like the big one. That and it looks kinda stretched and off center because i have my arms up. i'll get a better Pic tomorrow... Usaf & Special Forces, CCT
Member: Geist
Image Type: My tattoos
Location of tattoo: Back
Did it hurt? 6
Votes Avg(Total) 3.18 (246 Vote(s))
Tags USAF, airforce, air, special, forces, force, air, tribal, red
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