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1 Apprentice seeking advice by ApprenticeJ
I'm pretty sure everyone has the same general opinion, thanks. If anyone can delete the thread/account, please do.
3 Shin Tattoo Question by alanasomething
Hi guys, I'm getting a tattoo of a woman's face on my shin on Tuesday but my tattoo artist doesn't want to do it on the front of my shin because it wi
4 Advice on Placement! by TattooT0M
As many of you know, I've been posting this Scorpion tattoo from MKX for a month now asking for artists and I finally found one. Dmitry Vision: ht
5 tattoo blues by Murderotica_Absentimental
i live in eugene, oregon and most of the shops here are crap, to say the least. the few good shops have a waiting list for apprenticeships for years a
6 Need some advice by Nykkos
Wasn't sure really to post this, but I've been actively looking for an apprenticeship and think I may have caught my break. Thing is I've seen much b
7 First Tattoo Advice by bipolarbear1000
Recently my mother passed away, and I wanted to get a tattoo to remember her. I was wondering if this was a bad idea. I am male by the way (not sure
8 first tattoo general advice on design and placement by settinbootytraps
I have known for a while now that I want to get tattoos, however I have not been in a position to actually get one until recently. I have found what I


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