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1 Total Tattoo Aftercare: by Tattude
Normal Method: Usually for smaller or standard sized tattoos and for tattoos that don't rub severely on clothing. Your n
2 treatment on my new tat please helppp by berniefrombk
hi guys i just got my first tat last night the guy told me to use a+d cream for 3 days,i went to the pharmacy and bought it but noticed it said diaper
3 Totally Healed? by Rzrseg
Hey all, Okay, I've perused the aftercare topics and searched all the 'wet' posts and never found an answer. Everyone agrees that you shouldn't
4 infection signs by conser
can any one fill me in on what the signs are of an infected tattoo...thanks
5 Tongue Tattoos - i need some help by AnotherFace
I've been thinking of getting one for a while. Any of you here who have one care to impart some wisdom about it? I mean, there are all these sites
6 Followed specific instructions, but... by TamedFireStorm
I have followed the artist's instructions carefully that did a GREAT job on my tattoo. It is a butterfly on my ankle. I have not soaked it in the tu
7 First tattoo, AFTERCARE? by Pan_da
I got my very first tattoo yesterday. For aftercare i was told to apply ointment 5-7 times a day, but after reading up on this , most information tel
8 which is it??? lotion vs neosporine?? by SoCalJen
I just got a new tattoo (my second) this past weekend. But I was confused when the guy told me to use neosporine OR lotion. I've heard so many conflic
9 Bumps on healing tattoo? by ijpearson
So I got my tattoo about 2 weeks ago, and like my artist told me, I used Aquaphor for the first 3 days, and then switched to a fragrance and dye free
10 Any way to swim with a recently touched up tattoo? by Emziloe
I know there probably isn't a way to swim when I've just had my tattoo touched up but I figured I'd ask just in case. I got my tattoo touched up y
11 direct beating shower? by coyob
hey i have a question... today i got a tattoo on my back(my first). i came online to look for tattoo care instructions and i came across several s
12 Bubbling??? by flucky07
I started to notice that my tattoo has been bubbled up. Its not crazy bubbling or anything but it is raised and it is ONLY the red that is raised lik
13 Here's a Rather Lame Question by Jenna
But I can't seem to find the answer online. So I'm using Neosporin on my now 22 hour tattoo. I looked at it a bit ago and the Neosporin looked
14 pick it you know you want to!! by emma
is there anything to put on a tat to stop you from picking at it, no nonsense like "take your mind off it" tried it, its too tempting and itching as w
15 Possible reaction to ink by mytblue
I recently got my second tattoo on my lower back. I followed the after care instructions to the letter but am starting to notice little bumps under my
16 scabbing by conser
hello, i had 2 new tats about 5 days ago and was told to apply puran tattoo cream 4-5 times a day after washing it. the tattoos scabbed slightly but h
17 aftercare info needed by conser
hello, i have just had a tribal dragon tattoo on the top of my arm and im hoping some one can tell me the best methods of aftercare in detail. at the
18 spray on bandaids by coyob
has anyone tried those new spray on bandaids to aid the healing process of your tattoo? The layer protects from dirt and bacteria and allows breathin
19 itching by InkSlingerGrl
i have other tattoo's but this last one i got is a big piece and it's itching so bad, what can i put on i
20 reply by berniefrombk
the guy said dont use bastiricin cause that is a bactreria fighter and if u do get a infection it will be immune to that and it wont help
21 Orbital Healing Oddly by Aerith
I had an orbital piercing (through the top of the ear cartilage) done about two and a half months ago. I'm healing it with a single ring, which fits
22 what could this be? by allibuck
I just got my first tattoo about a week and a half ago. It's healing up nicely, with very minimal peeling. Anyway, so a couple of days ago I started
23 New tattoo appears to be fading in patches by Steve488
Two days ago I got my first tattoo, a black rampant lion on my right shoulder. I have followed all the aftercare instructions carefully, but today I d


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