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1 Grand Opening of Anarchy Tattoo MI... by AnarchyTattoos
Aug. 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2008 - Grand Opening! Two lucky customers will receive $100 tattoos each for FREE! 824 B Milham Road Portage, MI 490
2 Tattoo Sketchbook by beardedduder
I just bought this tattoo sketchbook online, and I must say it's pretty cool. Just wanted to bring it to the attention of other tattoo enthusiast and
3 Infinity Tattoo by Mtldesigner
Im looking at my first tattoo and want something that means never give up, persevere ect and have looked at the infinity symbol which is basically a
4 What's your thought process on choosing a tattoo? Need tips by sniktbykb
Hi everyone. Almost two weeks after getting my first tattoo, I feel the addiction's already kicked in and i've booked a second sitting for the comi
5 Hello I'm new on here..... by kookiekate
Hello, I'm Kate, I'm new on here, I found this site when I was looking for inspiration for a new tattoo. I would like to add several more tattoos to
6 Can someone draw this tattoo for me? by AAROPLANE
:D :D :idea: Alright, so my name's Aaron. And I am not the greatest artist, but it would mean the world to me if someone could accomplish this f
7 Opinions please! by lotuselysse
Well I'm new on here and I really want to pursue a career in tattooing. Here is a link to some of my artwork, I just wanted you guys to check it out a
8 everythingisfallingapart by apxo
need some opinions, check it out. http://anthonypimentelxo.bigcarte
9 First tattoo - Perseverance by Mtldesigner
I recently have lost 125 pounds and changed my lifestyle, I also own my own business and want to get my first tattoo. With my new lifestyle and ownin
10 Tattoo Art Clothing on Sale by rebelliousclothing
11 Looking to build artist network by hyperinktattoos
Looking to build a tattoo network that will help tattooist get job placement, heath care, and discounts on supplies. Please send me an email with your


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