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Forum >> All Tags >> bad tattoos
Rating Post
1 Oh crap by Newbie
Sooo, I finally got my tattoo done today. I couldn't get an appointment with the artist that I wanted... Buuut, me being me, I had to have the tatt
2 Scratcher Inc. by soulmindfist
I did the 5th one...jus kidding. scratcher? u decide.
3 So I Finally Got My Tattoo (picture) by Jenna
And I'm not totally happy. I put a lot of thought into it too, which really bums me out. So.. A. It's not
4 Advice Needed on Large Tattoo Problem by fuzdrum
Hello, About a year ago I had a large tattoo done on across my shoulders. It was the biggest piece I have had done and took a while to heal.
5 problem by elen
i have just had my second tattoo (two stars, just the outline) its very plain! the ouline is very thin and it looks as if someone has drawn on me with
6 It is scary how much this actually happens... by d3adkl0wn
7 artist recommendations? by my2002cali
Hi everyone, I have been wanting to get a tattoo for the past couple of years, but was turned off to the idea after my husband's cousin got a tattoo f
8 bad tattoo by srock
this is my first tattoo and I went to a local shop in slipperyrock.The artist was very young but said he had been tattooing for a few years and would
9 Tattoos - Good and Bad... by Padrone
I have three tattoo's. I've never got drunk and gone out on impulse to Joe Schmuckatelli's Tattoo shop and gotten a tattoo. I've researched what I wan


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