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Rating Post
1 Rasheed Wallace (the NBA star) was sued by his tattoo artist by bobdolejr
Here is a link to the story.... Basic story... A Por
2 Help finding a Tattoo by mybaby24
I am currently looking for a new tattoo, I have decided that I want to get an anklet-looking type of tattoo. I want something similar to the one that
3 Pricing by chikinpns
About how much would a Marylin Monroe tattoo run me? I'm wanting to get one w/ her doing that shoulder pose. My hip bones kind of stick out, and I was
4 Randy Orton back tattoo by zbc1998
Does anyone know who did or what flash was used on WWE's professional wrestler Randy Orton's back and where I may obtain it to take to my artist for m
5 Tattoo on palm of hand? by Fawn
I have been thinking about a tattoo for a long time. In a perfect world, I have decided on a small one on the palm of my hand. I've never seen one i
6 Lookin for a design, Do you have it? by
Hello, Been looking for a design. And need a pic of it to show my Artest. The tattoo is the one that reads DEATH, upright, And when you flip it rou
7 i want by wdmc
i saw the tattoo of 2pac on his back...the cross he has... :shock: i wanted to know if anyo
8 Ken Caminitti tattoo by bobdolejr
Hey tat2x I saw the tattoo you did for Ken Caminitti... I was just curious if you could tell us the story behind it? How long ago did you do it... wh


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