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1 celtic symbol for brother by leprakkon
i have been searching for a celtic/irish symbol for "brother" or "brotherhood," but i can only find the symbol for sisterhood. it
2 anyone have designs for wing tattoos? by guillotine
im having a hard time finding designs for wings to go on my back, and i was wondering if anyone had any good designs...? im particularly (SP?) looking
3 Would you consider this tattoo offensive? by tommymh
I'm designing a new tattoo, a relatively simple one, based around a triskelion, which is a celtic and oriental symbol for power in motion and rebirth.
4 Need some help by Clardy554
I nene some help with a tattoo. I'm looking to get my first tattoo soon. And I'm stuck I want to get something to go with my family heritage and I hav
5 Celtic symbol - Brother of the arrow by Daragh91
Im looking for a picture of the celtic symbol "brother of the arrow"... Can anybody help? Thanks.
6 Hey guys, need help with an idea by GDare
Hi, I'm new to the forums. I'm working on a design for a tattoo on my left shoulder/arm. I'm considering a personalized Celtic shield design. I cre
7 Texas tattoo shops that specialize in Celtic designs? by La Fours
anyone on here know of some good shops in Austin or Houston? i know of Shaw's in Houston. do any of you know of people who specialize in celtic work


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