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Chinese Tattoo Translation

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Personalized Chinese tattoo translation service by professional writer Andres Leo

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You want it done right! Tattoos are not removable (Ouch! Maybe they are...) You have to be careful at deciding what's going to be a part of you. Don't tell me you are going to ask the Chinese takeout boy when he delivers next time. How about consulting a scholar in the Chinese language and literature? Better yet, how about asking him to customize the tattoo symbols for you?

Why do you need a pro to do the translation, instead of anyone who speaks Chinese? The Chinese characters, or Kanji, has a time span of 4000 years and a geography span across countries like China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It simply takes knowledge and expertise to do the translation well. Plus, it doesn't hurt to throw in a bit of artistry either.

Accurate and elegant: What makes a translation good? You need a profound understanding of the Kanji system across different cultures including Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese, as well as familiarity of the Western culture. Your translator Andres Leo is an established poet and novelist. Educated in Taiwan and the United States, his multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary background very well distinguishes him from the rest.

Interactive and reliable: Your translator answers your questions and tailors to your needs. He views translations as a form of creation and cross-cultural experience. He enjoys the job while at the same time takes it seriously. If you have any question about Chinese symbols or translation, you can email him at

translated into the traditional or simplified chinese characters, aligned horizontally or vertically
chinese characters alignment examples

Step 1:
Fill out the information about the desired translation below and click Next Step.

Step 2:
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After the payment is confirmed, your translation will be sent to you in 1-5 days.
(normally less than one day if the translator Andres Leo is online)

Translated symbols will be e-mailed to you in GIF format.
Please provide a deliverable email address for the translation to be sent to you.

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...Chinese symbols alignment: (see example above)

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English words/phrase to be translated:

(notice if your word or phrase doesn't fit, simply put: xxx and after you pay we will email you, at which point you can give us your word/phrase)

... Next Step: use PayPal secure account to pay US$10.99 for this translation request...

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Terms and Conditions:

If your account with PayPal payment is registered under a different email address from the email address you submitted in this translation request, there might be a problem in verifying your payment for the translation with PayPal. The translator, Andres Leo, only provides translation services to PayPal-confirmed, paid requests. In the case of email discrepancy, the translator will do his best to trace the payment information and contact the payer via email.

Please make sure the email address you provide is valid, attachment-capable, and has enough quota (about 100 Kb) to receive the translated symbols in GIF format. If you don't receive the translation within 5 days (normally done in one day), please contact the translator via . The translator will send it again.

Due to existing fraud and abuses, the translation service this site offers is not refundable in principal. In order to avoid misunderstanding, please put your requested word(s) in English context or provide an explanation where necessary. If you have any question after receiving the translation, you are welcome to contact the translator, Andres Leo. He will do his best to satisfy your requirement.

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