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Rating Post
1 Meaning of a Tattoo, Any Ideas ? by TheTurk
Anyone has any idea what this tattoo means ?
2 PHOENIX, AZ Mandarin, Cantonese? by Fearfleaaa
I am looking to get some calligraphy on my back, but i'd like for it to be in a Chinese language. So, I would think that I would need an artist who kn
3 looking for a tattoo but don't know where to go by killshooter21
Hi everybody, this is my first post and I'm looking to get a tattoo of my Chinese name on my left arm. I will be in New York City until Jan
4 Chinese Tattoos by leecav
I'm writing a thesis on how Chinese culture has been marketed to the west. Really! Having a bit of trouble tracking down anything on the history of pe


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