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1 First tattoo, color ideas? by BertNaked
Hello. I've just finished the lines for my first tattoo and the next session for shades and coloring. But I'm stuck between the ideas of warm c
2 Question about a weird color ink. by Panacea
I saw Apocalyptico a few months ago and I saw a Mayan guy with a VERY good looking tattoo. Of course it was a fake tattoo because it's a movie, but I'
3 Help with Shading and Color for my first tattoo by Cali_to
Hi Everyone, I am very glad to have found this forum. I got my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago and will have it finished this weekend. My tat
4 first tattoo general advice on design and placement by settinbootytraps
I have known for a while now that I want to get tattoos, however I have not been in a position to actually get one until recently. I have found what I
5 Greek Mythology - Poseidon Color Sleeve - NYC Artist by ym1775
Hey guys, I am looking to get a full color sleeve done and I've had a really hard time finding an artist that can take on this project as what I wa


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