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Rating Post
1 Tattoo cover up - Need suggestions by InFlames20
Hi everyone This is my tattoo: Can you give me few ideas on what can I put there to cover
2 Jeff Gogue piece, artists in NJ, NY or PA? by solomonvtp
I was wondering if it was possible to turn
3 tattoo removal by HairyPotthed
I got a tattoo of a pot leaf on my upper arm it is black and dark green will it be hard to cover it up with wording?
4 Want old tat covered up, but have developed metal allergy by noodles
I got a tat on my back 18 years ago that I now want completely covered up and enlarged. In the years since I got it done, I have developed an allergy
I was young and dumb and let a friend give me a tattoo on my foot. It's a horseshoe, pretty big, I absolutely hate it, it's pretty embarassing. I have
6 Good Cover Up Artist in South Florda? by theglick11
Hi I have a tattoo on my right arm that im looking to cover up and drop down to a half sleeve. Does anybody know of any well known cover up artists i
7 can blck ink be covered by yongwu
i have a black peace sign on my side its not colored in or anything i guess you can say its just outlined but i want it covered up and i want to know
8 best artist to take over half sleeve? can anything be done? by bbrraannddoonn
I'm in desperate need of some help here. I recently got started on a half sleeve part of which was supposed to be a neural network in space. After spe
9 Need cover up advice (New York) by ThatAirForceGuy21
So yes, I understand my tattoo is bland, boring, and not done very well. I acted on impulse and fucked up, big time.... I'm not looking for rude comme
10 in need of a good cover up by original
:evil: alright so...when i was drunk and stupid and young i got a maltese cross on my right chest. this was back in the day when everyone went apeshi
11 Help- Need ideas for this tattoo please! by lisahbunny
I'm not really 100% liking my tattoo I got last year. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of what could add or change to make it look better. I fe
12 South Florida Cover Up Artist? by theglick11
Does anybody know of a specific tattoo artist that is known for doing great cover up tattoos in south florida?
13 Tattoo Cover Up by cpgscotcher
Hi, I would like to cover up my wrist tattoo.. It is crappy anyway and was made worse by going skiing before it healed Any ideas on what I can


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