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Rating Post
1 I've come to think of a very cool tattoo motive, but... by Muo
...but has it yet been made? Imagine a tattoo going from the bottom of the t-shirt sleeve to around the shoulder not s
2 My First Tattoo by sAmFrOmHaY
hi there, im only 16 going on 17 in November but i already love tattoos, i am a very good artist in my eyes and i have submited designs to my fathe
3 Can this be covered up with.... by TattooT0M
I currently have this tattoo and although I like it I am getting older now and I want something "bigger" but also "more art like".
4 First Tattoo and First Post by motley87
Here's my first tattoo, got it about a year ago. Looking to expand on the image soon, was hoping for some suggestions. The image is flipped obviousl
5 Any good tat shops in Cleveland area that do QUALITY Irish by Irishrover777
Hey, I am looking for a tattoo shop in Cleveland area (I live in Hudson, yeah it sucks) that does a good job on Irish tattoos, like crosses, Celtic kn
6 Your opinions on location of tattoos~ by Caddy
Hey everyone. I don't like going through a whole bunch of websites searching for galleries about locations of tattoos so i thought id ask here about a


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