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1 What's your thought process on choosing a tattoo? Need tips by sniktbykb
Hi everyone. Almost two weeks after getting my first tattoo, I feel the addiction's already kicked in and i've booked a second sitting for the comi
2 I'm trying to find a tattoo that means "baby sister&quo by SHanny1324
:? Ive been trying to look up tattoo meanings for a while. and i dont care if its chinese, or celtic, or even gaelic writing.. im just trying to find
3 Program to help u design a tattoo? by Stanged4lyfe
Is there a program to help you design a tatoo, because I am not good at drawing what i have in mind so I need a lil' help? So if anybody can help,
4 dolphin tattoos by sagittarius
hi i was wondering if any one can tell where i can find good dolphins tattoos desgins or picture that i can use to make a tattoos. thanks for the help
5 Tatoo by johnnysmith
I have listed some of the name who are very expert in the tatoo industry. Just u can try some search engines and type their will give u the
6 Has anyone seen that tattoo somewhere? by Andy
Ok here's what i'm looking for: The picture I need is like two hands (not praying hands) which look like giving a hand shake but they seem getting
7 Orignal Tattoo designs by Draznog
I was just wondering if anyone has ever paid anyone to do a design for a Tattoo, i want to get a full sleeve on my right arm, i have 1 piece of art th
8 Ideal about a good tattoo for best friends. by chick2006
Me and my friend want to get a tattoo. We want to have two dolphins jumping towards each other with something in the middle that there jumping to, but


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