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1 Tattoo fading before it's healed? by JingForlorn
So tuesday i got my first tattoo, I'm 18, In a state [south Carolina] that just legalized tattooing. and i wanted a sentimental tattoo. it was home do
2 Black Tattoo after healing effects by shady08aftermath
Currently I have a tattoo on my calf and arm. I go to a pro tattooist in chicago thats been tattooing for 15 years, and ive seen work he's done on my
3 Swimming and Tattoos by back211
Yay! im back. Ok anyways, Im on the swim team and we practice everday except for Sunday. I have this coming thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and mo
4 Is my tattoo healing properly? PLEASE HELP! DESPERATE! by victoriakoryn
Please take a look at my tattoo here: (click show more after the question) Is
5 Rose Tattoo, needs touch ups? by MartinC_Australia
I'm new to tattoo's & got a rose tattoo 3 weeks ago. The tattoo seemed like it had faded a bit so I went back for a few touch ups & just let t
6 New tattoo appears to be fading in patches by Steve488
Two days ago I got my first tattoo, a black rampant lion on my right shoulder. I have followed all the aftercare instructions carefully, but today I d
7 New tattoo peeling and fading by Domain16
I got a new tattoo about a week ago and it looked great but after about 4 days it started peeling and fading I know this is normal but it is much wo


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