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1 a few questions about tattoos in general. by SoCCeRBaBe
my 18th birthday is this friday (3/4) and i think a few weeks after that, i'm going to go get a tattoo. i want to get one on the small of my back (sur
2 Questions about getting a tattoo for the first time by puppylove374
I really want to get a tattoo. But i want to know about it can anyone tell me thier experince with getting a tattoo does it hurt when they do it? how
3 :? does it really hurt as much as it sounds????????????? by big chris
:? is it true that your tattoo bleeds after u get it done? Also what size needle do u use because i heard its thick and long?
4 First Tattoo, need advice on style, color and artist by Hklover
Hey everyone, Didn't really know whether to put this in first tattoo or tattoo artist&studio. Here is a basic idea of what I would like but
5 Good tattoo gone bad?? Need suggestions by jstanotherenthusiast
Hi all, I got my first tattoo done a month back.I am posting images of how it looks like now. I am not very happy with how the tattoo looks li
6 First tattoo on ribcage? by tkoziol
Hi guys. My name is tyler. I'm 20 years old, since I was about 17 I had been thinking about getting a tattoo. My mom who is a pretty laid back lady,
7 treatment on my new tat please helppp by berniefrombk
hi guys i just got my first tat last night the guy told me to use a+d cream for 3 days,i went to the pharmacy and bought it but noticed it said diaper
8 My First time....!? Any stories? Advice? by BetAnd
HI! Ok--so I wrote something like a long time ago and I haven't been good checking out the forum frequently but I was doing a project on tattoos in
9 does it hurt by babyface564
Hey im thinking about getting a tattoo and i really don't know anything about them. So i was wondering does it hurt more in certain areas and where d
10 My first tattoo 06/07/2007 by NoEff
Here is my first piece (pics about an hour after). Obivoulsy my family crest. I am 'happy' with the way it came out overall, but looking back I wo
11 Anyone know how much this would cost me? by Sublime
Hey, well I plan on getting my first tattoo next wed and I have an appointment for some place in portland...anyways i was wondering the price range th
12 Any Such Thing As A Painless Tattoo? by angel2620
Hello everyone! I want to get my first tattoo, but I am terrified of needles. :roll: I know there is probably no such thing
13 UV 1st Tattoo by huskyjackal
Had this design planned out for going on 5 or 6 years now and finally decided to get it done. Drew it out and took it in. The artist was extremely pol
14 First tattoo goddess of justice: please help with ideas by Hklover2011
I have been thinking about get a tattoo that reflects my careers and kind of my outlook on life. I beileve a lady justice tattoo or the goddess of div
15 First Time by TongueTwister
So I want to get my first Tattoo. I just turned 18 a month ago and am rebelling against my parents haha.
16 First time....couple of questions... by ABE_2005
I'm planning on getting my first tattoo in about a month or so and I've almost come to a conclusion on what i want to get but before i make my decisio
17 Help with tattoo design, please :) by elmourra99
Hey, I'm new here and I just love tattoos. I've been thinking of getting my first tattoo, somewhere maybe in my right forearm or right shoulder. I am
18 First tattoo questions and Shop Confusion by Mezy
HI everyone! Right now I am looking into finding an artist to design and apply my first tattoo. This tattoo is really important to me as it will re
19 First Tattoo Questions by ASUClaymate417
I've always thought it would be cool to have a tattoo... unfortunately I'm one of those people who has that pesky needle-phobia, so I've never really
20 Hi, I'm new to the forum. by awsugarx
Hi, I'm Ashley. I just got my first tattoo on Saturday and I definitely plan on getting more. I'm also looking forward to meeting some tattoo addict
21 Oak tree - My first Tattoo by Miskay
Hello :wink: It took me about 2 years to decide and make sure i want a tattoo, where i want it and how it will look. I decided to an oak tree
22 Oh crap by Newbie
Sooo, I finally got my tattoo done today. I couldn't get an appointment with the artist that I wanted... Buuut, me being me, I had to have the tatt
23 Followed specific instructions, but... by TamedFireStorm
I have followed the artist's instructions carefully that did a GREAT job on my tattoo. It is a butterfly on my ankle. I have not soaked it in the tu
24 First tattoo - lotions? Paw Prints and Stars? by Sabra
Ok, I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo soon. A friend of the family is a tattoo artist and he's explained how I should check out the tattoo ar
25 1st tattoot. Thigh tatt...Questions need answers:-) by tattlove
I just got a piece done on the outside of my thigh. Its my first so i guess im just a little paranoid. Its fairly large and today is only the third da
26 do artists get offended? by AXmichigan
hey i wanna getta tattoo... but i dont wnat it to be bad in anyway.. obviously im scared that if i dont bring a design in then it will suck b
27 help me i think i messed up my new tattoo by cardinalfan
it is now early tuesday morning...i got my tattoo on friday...i just went to wipe off extra lotion off of it and i think i wiped it to h
28 *UPDATE* Re: First Tattoo - Asymmetrical by abrooklynbroad
29 Im an idiot but... by Magnumdb
I will say before I begin that I am an idiot for this, and deserve whatever happens... if anything. I got a tattoo on my left shoulder 3 days a
30 A newbie question.... by Heather_Feather
Hi...My name is heather, and 8 days ago i lost my Tattoo virginity. lol. I got a lower
31 Lucky by BTomas
I must be the luckiest mom in the world! I have two beautiful daughters who are taking me for my first tattoo for mother's day! :)
32 Tipping and Other Things by eavn
So I'm getting my tattoo next week. It's going to cost around 200-300 dollars. How much should I tip? Should I tell him what not to do/what I don't
33 first tattoo.. not really sure if it is infected. by Easyassunday This is my first tattoo, located on my left wrist. I got this done 10 days ago, and I have been wa
34 direct beating shower? by coyob
hey i have a question... today i got a tattoo on my back(my first). i came online to look for tattoo care instructions and i came across several s
35 total newbie looking for info by jackpipe45
so i am looking into getting my FIRST ink. i am wondering if there is an artist(s) that is highly sought after in the industry, that everybody know
36 advice needed... by dannigurl
i just turned 18- so im finally able to get a tattoo without parental consent. I have really wanted a tattoo for a good couple of years now, so its no
37 new one by breakofday
This summer, I am going to get a tattoo with my friends. I know exactly what I want and I am pretty sure where. I want it in the middle of my upper ba
38 Questions about Original Tattoos, Ink Colors and More! by Jenna
First of all, what a wonderful message board this is. I really hope to get the advice of some of the resident tattoo artists here. I really want to
39 My first tattoo and there's blowout. What should I do? by ALX95
So yeah I think the title says it all... I got my first tattoo a few weeks ago and there's some bad blowout :( I wanted to ask does anyone have any go
40 opinion's wanted by layla
Hello to everyone out there. I am going to tell my story as short as I can. I am almos
41 Question by Dragon03
Hi, I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while, does anyone know how common it is to get aids from the tattoo equipment? I have heard so
42 Reputable Shop in PA? by fi3l2
ok, I've been looking to get a tattoo for some time now. I have a basic idea what I want to get. Does anyone know of or can recommend a good sh
43 gettin first tattoo by AXmichigan
hey everyone im getting my first tattoo in about a month im going to be doing it in New York City i think i just have some questions because
44 tattoo designs... by cacye
Does anyone know of a website that has pictures of original designs like memorial tattoos or tribal designs with names in them ...things like that sin
45 Need some help by mamajennie
So this is my first tattoo I got. It's on my right wrist. I've had it for a couple years now and it really needs to be touched up and I am kind of de
46 No friends allowed? by grapeape5
Contemplating first tatto and have been for many many months. I have visited a couple of shops. One in PA that was awesome and one in MD that is also
47 help some info please by onji
could i get a tattoo on my wrist if im 16 with a parent please reply ASAP dont really have time
48 aftercare info needed by conser
hello, i have just had a tribal dragon tattoo on the top of my arm and im hoping some one can tell me the best methods of aftercare in detail. at the
49 Need to know by jj
I am going to get my first tattoo Saturday so please help!! My sis works at the hospital and is very peeved about me wanting a tattoo. She told me t
50 much will this cost me by majikish
i intend to get a tattoo in less than three weeks on my 18th birthday. i was wondering if someone could help me figure out how much it would be to
51 Hey guys, need help with an idea by GDare
Hi, I'm new to the forums. I'm working on a design for a tattoo on my left shoulder/arm. I'm considering a personalized Celtic shield design. I cre
52 Different artists to work off one idea...? by guiniveretoo
I have an Idea, and I wanted to run it by a group that'll give their honest feedback before I latch onto it too strongly. First, the background: I'
53 Not very happy after 1st sesson. Advice? by Bryce96
Hey y'all. One session done on my first tat. Still another 3 hours to go but I'm not very happy with the back but I love
54 ~~~MoNkEyS~~~ by veronica
55 life exp. tattoos by username_alreadypicked
hey, i am looking for a tattoo design to represent some of the shit i have been through in my life, kind of like a personal tatto, i don't really know
56 ?'s regarding 1st tat by faries
i just got my tat and it the first. im flaking like a lizard molting is this normal its only been 4 days.
57 Dandelion by angelfire
Hello to everyone! I have been wanting to get a tattoo for a while now, but wanted to be absolutely sure before plunging in. Anyways...I
58 Getting a Tattoo in a couple weeks check out my idea by Devin27
Hey guys and gals, i have a pretty good idea what i want in my tattoo, but not sure how to fit it all together if you know what I'm saying.. I want
59 Tattoo Aftercare - BEST AFTERCARE PRODUCT! by safe4hours
You have to try this new product called Safe4Hours for your tattoo aftercare! You will LOVE it! Our small company just introduced this revolutiona
60 Please help, bad first tattoo! by Guest10123
Went to get my first tattoo yesterday. I was absolutely thrilled with the initial sketch, I'm not sure what you call it? Whatever is pasted to your ba
61 Question about Tattoo's by KidNicky
I have been wanting to get a tattoo for a long time now. I also design my own tattoos and keep flashes in a binder. The type of tattoo that I want wil
62 First Tattoo by modifaerie
I've heard a lot of horror stories about first tattoos. Many people have thier first pieces covered up. Me personally. I got a great design by a not s
63 First-Timer by ladyinsane
So I've been wanting a tattoo for a very long time, and I just turned 18 this week. I live in Philly, and
64 interested in tattoos by mea02
hello to all i'm new to this so please understand i am planning to have my first tatto and
65 I have questions about getting my 1st tattoo by jdbaby1980
I was wanting to get my first tattoo for my birthday but I didnt want to go into the shop like a dummy.... so I was wondering if I could get some advi
66 help by savagemist
hi, i am getting my first tatoo on my lower back, i am looking for female gypsy holding crystal ball, i am having a very hard time finding anyth
67 1st tattoo by uk_angel
Hiya I'm thinking of getting a chinese symbol on the bottom of my leg! i was just wundering how much will it hurt? thanks xxxxx
So, I am getting my first tattoo. I have been thinking about it for 3 years now. My mom is drawing it for me. I am getting strawberries (with the s
69 Questions on Getting one by Darren884
I might get one I got a few questions, I want it on my left wrist, now I am gonna be 18 and be a senior in high school next year, all i want is like a
70 Looking for my Moon (1st Tatoo!!) Please HELP!! by Eva Luna
First of all I will like to introduce myself, as this is my first message in this forum. My name is Eva, and I have always had some kind of str
71 any ideas how to improve tattoo??? by gumpy_88
hey i had my first tattoo done 2 weeks ago now and its on my lower back and its a tribal design. at the m
72 I want a new tat :) by ibelieveinfairys
Hello there. I'm Rachel Forsythe, I'm 19 years old and I was looking on the web for tattoo artists (besides Mike's) in Danville and I was really impre
73 artist recommendations? by my2002cali
Hi everyone, I have been wanting to get a tattoo for the past couple of years, but was turned off to the idea after my husband's cousin got a tattoo f
74 PLEASE help me!!!! by char75803
I am about to get my first tattoo and I pretty much know what i want, but i dont have a tattoo artist yet and i want to go to the place with the tatto
75 prices by aprillebaby279
hey guys, im going for my first tattoo in a couple of weeks, and i am planning on getting three chinese symbols on my back either vertically on the ri
76 First Tattoo - Ignorance :S by sweetsong
Is it alright to bring in pictures of other artist's (not neccessarily tattoo artists) designs to show the kind of style that I want. Or is that cons
77 First tattoo: Price estimate??? by oliver811
78 First tattoo by modifaerie
I was wondering what was everyone's first tattoo. Do you regret it? My first tattoo was a faerie on the small of my back. The design was awesome but i
79 How much by poohjl
Hey interested in getting a tattoo. Attached is a picture of it, Please tell me how much would you charge for this? To view go to [url]http
80 need help by getdown006
me and my bro. are thinking of getting a tattoo. We've both always wanted to get one and we decide to go and get one a brother thing.
81 Want advice please by FanciT
:D Hello I am preparing to get my first tattoo and I don't want it to end up my last because there are two things that I
82 Getting My First Tattoo.. A few questions by darkdragonfly
Hi, My names Cam and Im 17 and have been wanting to get a dragonfly tattoo for some time now. I will be getting it in a few months wh
83 Thinking of getting a tattoo? How about for FREE by InkmasterNYC
LOOKING TO GET INKED? TRY SPIKE TV Open Casting Call Looking For Human Canvases For Tattoo Competition Reality Series Are you all inked up and rea
84 Tattoo virgin here by VirginiaDee
Hi there; I'm 20 and have recently moved to Orlando. I've been contemplating getting a tattoo for a while now and I think I'm really gonna do it. Of
85 First tattoo by Dontlosesight
I've had this idea in mind for a while now and i have just recently, over the past month or two, started looking for artists. Out of all the artists i
Hello everyone, My name is Ryan and I'm a designer from the UK. I am currently working on a new project producing a book of tattoos from around the
87 First Tattoo Ideas by vvaneesa
Getting tattooed for the first time is an exiting experience. There are some things to think about before getting it done, and some pitfalls that you


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