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1 recommend me a talented female tattoo artist in FL/southeast by saltrubbedeyes
I'm looking for a very talented female tattoo artist in Florida or a neighboring state (preferably Florida, though) to do a fairly big tattoo. The de
2 Gold Coast Tattoo Expo by MysticLady Click there to look at the event! Liesl
3 So Fla Artists? by motopsyko32
OK, so some 2 years ago, i started a Tribal tat on my arm and lately I have the itch to extend it and make it bigger. I went to the place that origina
4 looking for an Artist in Jacksonville florida by zbryant4210
i am looking to get a koi fish on my leg, and was looking for a good artist in jacksonville that specialized in Japanese style, and had experience wit
5 Best tattoed WOMEN by leaf
Hi I went on a 5 month hitchhiking journey around the US and on the way I got a tattoo in Gainesville Florida by a tattoo artist known as Suzi
6 South Florida Tattoo Convention: by Tattude
Anyone besides me going?
7 Deano Cook: by Tattude
Anyone have any experience with Deano Cook? He's one of the best in South Florida but I don't know if I should go with him or someone else for (rea
8 Need help choosing a studio in Jax, Fl by zbryant4210
I have 2 friends that have been tattooed by Tim at 8th day tattoo, and i was wondering if he or Mike Carll at westside tattoo is a better artist for J
9 South Florida Cover Up Artist? by theglick11
Does anybody know of a specific tattoo artist that is known for doing great cover up tattoos in south florida?
10 Need A Notary for Tat forms In Jacksonville, FL or Clay by NorthFloridaNotary
I am avilable 24/7 and I come to you. .50 per mile to travel to you, $5 per signature. Call 904-674-7714 Jennifer Richards
11 Tattoo virgin here by VirginiaDee
Hi there; I'm 20 and have recently moved to Orlando. I've been contemplating getting a tattoo for a while now and I think I'm really gonna do it. Of
12 Looking to Hire Tattoo Artist by creativemind
I'm currently looking to hire a Professional Tattoo Artist,for a busy well established Tattoo Studio in Sarasota Florida. Great pay, flexible hours, f


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