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Forum >> All Tags >> half sleeve
Rating Post
1 Half Sleeve Wrist to Elbow by SladdyDeeve
Hello, getting the outline of my half sleeve next week. Its going to be traditional Japanese black and gray, starting from my wrist and finishing at m
3 How long for your half sleeve? by ijpearson
Took my artist 3 1/2 hours for the outline. Estimating about 8-10 total once we add in shading and color. Charges $120 an hour. How long do you u
4 Adding on to a tattoo by thatmetalchick
I got my first tattoo on a whim earlier this year and I'm desperate to get inked again (it's insanely addicting). Here's my tattoo: [img:fd03c8e01
5 Looking around my town- by Chrislol
So, my third tattoo, I want it to be nice and big and beautiful. But I'm look around my town in Southeastern Ohio and I'm having a hard time judgin
6 Half sleeve help? by tara93
Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm dying for a new tattoo, and I've been thinking about getting a half sleeve for a while now. I want something with a
7 New here posting pics of my crazy half sleeve in progress by bannerman217
How do i post pics?!! my names cory by the way i live in Atlanta ga but im from Boston ma
8 black and grey artist in Twin Cities area by rxmedina
Hi folks. Can, any of you, recommend a good black and grey artist/parlor in Minneapolis-St. Paul area??There's Megan in Mankato but her waiting list
9 Mermaid Half Sleeve Help!! by iljdpotcrms
Hey everyone! So I have these two mermaid tattoos on my forearm and wanted to get a half sleeve done that would pretty much just be different mermaids


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