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Rating Post
1 First Time by TongueTwister
So I want to get my first Tattoo. I just turned 18 a month ago and am rebelling against my parents haha.
2 Is my tattoo healing properly? PLEASE HELP! DESPERATE! by victoriakoryn
Please take a look at my tattoo here: (click show more after the question) Is
3 Tattoo healing project by JarrodP
Hi all, I am new here but i am working on something that is hopefully interesting to everyone. I am a researcher who loves tattoos and one of th
4 day 3 tat healing by shady08aftermath
My tattoo is on my underarm is on day 3 and this time around instead of using A and D im using bacitracin zinc and its just now starting to wrinkle up
5 New tattoo, healing well? by pollietollie
So I got this tattoo: done in Paris on the 4th of April, and it's still healing a bit but I'm getting a bit worried. At first
6 Am I healing right? by skeeter3465
So I recently had a good sized arm piece done and today is my fifth day into healing. I used vaseline intensive care liberally over the first four da
7 scabbing by conser
hello, i had 2 new tats about 5 days ago and was told to apply puran tattoo cream 4-5 times a day after washing it. the tattoos scabbed slightly but h
8 noob scab question pics included by spiffyjiffy
Hey guys, So I got my first tattoo about two weeks ago on my thigh. I've been very diligent with aftercare but unfortunately after work last night w
9 COLOR PROBLEMS! by sickofitall95
Hey guys. i wonder if anyone can help me with this. i recently got a tattoo which involves quite a few yellow spots. the only thing is that the yellow
10 New tattoo is faded, wrinkly, and shiny after three weeks. by NYSEMT193
Hello all, please excuse me as I am very new to the forum. I've just been freaking out a bit about the way my tattoo looks. It's about three weeks old


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