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1 HELP me please. How to fix this? Or cover up. Bad tat. by Upinsmoke
Ok so this was my first tattoo and it was free. I was pretty much a guinea pig and it turned out to be a clusterfcuk.. I'm wanting to redesign this in
2 touchhole by bksonenonly
what would u guys do if u had to deal with someone u didnt like everyday? i mean i know its random but still, im so close to beating him up.
3 NEW Wolf Tattoo- RATE IT. by TattooT0M
Yesterday was the day, sat down in the chair for three hours and it hurt like hell it certain spots but was worth it. Check out the new INK and let me
4 Rash near my tattoo, help by maureen07
OKAY so. i got my first tattoo a little over a week ago now. i got it on my left ankle. they told me to put on a&d ointment for three days, then t
6 Help for idea (first tattoo) by anymouse
I want an anchor tattoo. I know that much. When I was 16 (I'm 20 now) I got involved into some stupid stuff and have been dealing with depression unti
7 I want to get tattoos everywhere but I dont want to copy? by NeedSomeHelpBro
I want to get sleeves, chest, and neck tattoos. I basically want to be covered for the most part. I have ideas, but like. I don't want to copy anyone
8 Shin Tattoo Question by alanasomething
Hi guys, I'm getting a tattoo of a woman's face on my shin on Tuesday but my tattoo artist doesn't want to do it on the front of my shin because it wi
9 Help with Shading and Color for my first tattoo by Cali_to
Hi Everyone, I am very glad to have found this forum. I got my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago and will have it finished this weekend. My tat
10 Is this normal or serious - help? by matthewjmccormick
Ok so I got a new tattoo on Friday the 10th of April 2013 (being specific) Its a small tattoo on my inner right arm on the lower half. The artist to
11 helppppp! by iloveyoujay
im getting my first tattoo this weekend. whats the price range in cali for a 2 and a half inch diameter tat of a screaming face w/ a peace sign in the
12 Need help with back peice by Clrinehart1
im trying to get an entire back peice done, i have a plynesian left sleeve, and a japanese shi-shi dog right sleeve done already. now i want my whole
13 Help with a Death Cab For Cutie tattoo sketch design by jmbns92
I would love to have a tattoo based on Death Cab For Cutie's song Marching Bands of Manhattan. I really love this song and it means very much to me an
14 bit of advice please x by sealy444
Hi just wondered if you could give me some advice. Over the last 4 months have been to doctors regarding swollen lymph nodes in my groin, the obvi
15 Can this be covered up with.... by TattooT0M
I currently have this tattoo and although I like it I am getting older now and I want something "bigger" but also "more art like".
16 Help with track and field tattoo ideas by TMurdaOState
I want to get a track tattoo on my shoulder but don't really know what to get so any ideas would be great! I also run track at ohio state so you can a
17 Estimated timing? by Emziloe
This is my first large tattoo so I'm trying to figure out how much it will cost and since I'm still looking at two different artists and they both cha
18 Color or NO color? by TattooT0M
Thinking of adding color into the eyes but not don't want to mess the tattoo up, opinions would be great. I collected these three eyes although I've b
19 I'm trying to find a tattoo that means "baby sister&quo by SHanny1324
:? Ive been trying to look up tattoo meanings for a while. and i dont care if its chinese, or celtic, or even gaelic writing.. im just trying to find
20 Concerned about little yellow bubbles on new ink by lolaversuslola
Hey everyone ! I I'm very excited to say that I got my first actual tattoo yesterday (I got a little one a
21 New tattoo, healing well? by pollietollie
So I got this tattoo: done in Paris on the 4th of April, and it's still healing a bit but I'm getting a bit worried. At first
22 help Ink gone wrong by marc3rd
I got a tattoo over 3 months ago so it should be healed. The tattoo is on my wrist and was done in white. well it has turned a booger or moss green. I
23 first tattoo general advice on design and placement by settinbootytraps
I have known for a while now that I want to get tattoos, however I have not been in a position to actually get one until recently. I have found what I
24 beginning sleeve w/ different style by bigtommy20
yo, i'm new here had a few questions on some advice. currently i have 2 tattoo's.[img] [/img] w
25 New tattoo enthusiast here, loads of questions. by Fioleris
Hey all, I am a 16 year old guy. I live in NYC and have considered getting a tattoo for the past few years. My parents are totally cool with it as
26 How to take Gauge Earrings out? by EvilElfy
I just got my ears pierced for the first time 6 weeks ago. They are a 14 gauge earrings. I have no idea how the hell to take it out lolz. There is
27 Help, I need ideas for my first tattoo by neftalyeguia
Hi everyone, I'm thinking to get my first tattoo, it's not something new, I've been thinking of what to get from almost a year now. I just can't figur
28 need ideas by haakon
So I am looking at getting my first tattoo and I want something norse as I norwegian, but it seems to me that most norse art or norse runes or just a
29 New Tattoo Help by locoARG07
Hey everyone i am an eighteen year-old high school graduate currently living in Argentina on a Rotary Youth Exchange and would like to get some Ink to
30 Hey guys, need help with an idea by GDare
Hi, I'm new to the forums. I'm working on a design for a tattoo on my left shoulder/arm. I'm considering a personalized Celtic shield design. I cre
31 Lyric placement by noravel
Hey ya'll! I got some really great responses to my last post "Deciding... Help?" and I was wondering if you creative minds could lend me
32 Need help with tattoo idea about overthinking/Analysis paral by Bjorvik
Through out my life i have found myself losing people i care about simply because i spent so much time thinking about my fear of losing them. And by d
33 Please help, bad first tattoo! by Guest10123
Went to get my first tattoo yesterday. I was absolutely thrilled with the initial sketch, I'm not sure what you call it? Whatever is pasted to your ba
34 Scar Tissue? by ShadsHarlot
Hey everyone, this is my very first post here, and I have just one question. I know that Tattoo Artists can't tattoo over scar tissue, such as if you
35 Help with the design process ?? by conor909
Hi, I want to get my first tattoo soon and id like to design it myself. I know exactly what i want but Id like to get a mixture of different styl
36 New tattoo ideas?? Any help appreciated! by Imstephy
So I already have two tattoos, a rose on my back and Chinese symbols on my wrist, I would really like a piece on my right shoulder but have no idea wh
37 tattoo help by phil22bfd
hey guys im all new to the forum and would really appreciate any help ..... can anyone tell me the best needles to use for lining and co
38 Cover up or laser? by Jaime5117
I got this tattoo several years ago. I hated it then and I hate it know. The shading is what I hate most about it. I need to know if I can cover it up
39 Third tattoo and i am stuck with the design :( by Kaligoth
So I have turned to asking on a forum regarding my third tattoo I simply just cant find a good one for my left arm and my art skills are not really th
40 Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand by bodilycharm
Tattoo pioneering princess Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand has been injured in an accident in Austin. Friends have set up a website to help her get by and b
41 First Tattoo by SamLofthouse96
I recently got a tattoo in memory of my Grandad. I went to somewhere thinking it would be good because someone recommended it for me, but it turns out
42 Could someone help me pic a tattoo? by Twistedshadow50
Hey guys I'm new on here, Iv been trying to think of what I should get in this area that I have left, it's an awkward spot but I don't just want to ge
43 Mermaid Half Sleeve Help!! by iljdpotcrms
Hey everyone! So I have these two mermaid tattoos on my forearm and wanted to get a half sleeve done that would pretty much just be different mermaids


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