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1 I've come to think of a very cool tattoo motive, but... by Muo
...but has it yet been made? Imagine a tattoo going from the bottom of the t-shirt sleeve to around the shoulder not s
2 Help for idea (first tattoo) by anymouse
I want an anchor tattoo. I know that much. When I was 16 (I'm 20 now) I got involved into some stupid stuff and have been dealing with depression unti
3 New Tattoo by mrvizard
4 Add on to tattoo by shady08aftermath
I have the kanji symbol for determination on my calf about an inch in height the width of my calf, and its on the bulk area. does anyone have any good
5 Tattoo idea by sdassault
hey guys - new here and considering my first tattoo. i really like the hobo dots or luffarprickar. no, i'm not a gang member - but my grandpa is a sa
6 I need an artist's help. by cfryar
I am wanting a chest piece but need someone to draw it up for me. I have something similiar to what I want but it isn't exact to my liking. If someo
7 Help, I need ideas for my first tattoo by neftalyeguia
Hi everyone, I'm thinking to get my first tattoo, it's not something new, I've been thinking of what to get from almost a year now. I just can't figur
8 Cudi Tattoo by mjnotto
Would it be able to get this tattoo done, the thing that seems like it might not work is when the fire is over the cudi around the edges
9 Need help with tattoo idea about overthinking/Analysis paral by Bjorvik
Through out my life i have found myself losing people i care about simply because i spent so much time thinking about my fear of losing them. And by d
10 Need Help with a Tattoo Idea by KCspaniel
I've thought about it a lot and while it may seem like a sorta weird idea for a tattoo, it's something kind of personal. I want a tattoo that in some
11 Thinking of getting a tattoo? How about for FREE by InkmasterNYC
LOOKING TO GET INKED? TRY SPIKE TV Open Casting Call Looking For Human Canvases For Tattoo Competition Reality Series Are you all inked up and rea


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