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1 How did you know you were ready? by sidneytttt
I've been seriously thinking about getting a tattoo, but I don't know if I 100% want something so perminate. I do know that ultimately it is only up t
2 First tattoo goddess of justice: please help with ideas by Hklover2011
I have been thinking about get a tattoo that reflects my careers and kind of my outlook on life. I beileve a lady justice tattoo or the goddess of div
3 Can this be covered up with.... by TattooT0M
I currently have this tattoo and although I like it I am getting older now and I want something "bigger" but also "more art like".
4 Help with track and field tattoo ideas by TMurdaOState
I want to get a track tattoo on my shoulder but don't really know what to get so any ideas would be great! I also run track at ohio state so you can a
5 Question for the Artists by hereswaldo
OK first off let me put this out there, if you are one of those people who who gets angry when other people ask for help with tattoo id
6 Help, I need ideas for my first tattoo by neftalyeguia
Hi everyone, I'm thinking to get my first tattoo, it's not something new, I've been thinking of what to get from almost a year now. I just can't figur
7 need ideas by haakon
So I am looking at getting my first tattoo and I want something norse as I norwegian, but it seems to me that most norse art or norse runes or just a
8 National Novel Writing Month by hooves I remember hearing about it from my friends back in high school but never paying much mind. I think I might
9 prices by aprillebaby279
hey guys, im going for my first tattoo in a couple of weeks, and i am planning on getting three chinese symbols on my back either vertically on the ri
10 New tattoo ideas?? Any help appreciated! by Imstephy
So I already have two tattoos, a rose on my back and Chinese symbols on my wrist, I would really like a piece on my right shoulder but have no idea wh
11 muhammad ali tribute by jordy
hey, i was wondering now that muhammad ali has passed away, does anyone has a idea about a tribute tattoo that is not a portrait, quote or boxing
12 Cover up or laser? by Jaime5117
I got this tattoo several years ago. I hated it then and I hate it know. The shading is what I hate most about it. I need to know if I can cover it up
13 Mermaid Half Sleeve Help!! by iljdpotcrms
Hey everyone! So I have these two mermaid tattoos on my forearm and wanted to get a half sleeve done that would pretty much just be different mermaids


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