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1 infection signs by conser
can any one fill me in on what the signs are of an infected tattoo...thanks
2 first tattoo.. not really sure if it is infected. by Easyassunday This is my first tattoo, located on my left wrist. I got this done 10 days ago, and I have been wa
3 2nd tattoo health issue by Boleyn
Hello everybody, and sorry to disturb. I seem to have an infection or something. Tattoo was gotten one week ago. Been washed with antibacteria
4 Potential Infection by lady4christ
Hey, I have another question. My sister had a scorpio tattoo placed on her right shoulder last Friday, and is having an odd reaction. We're not
5 So, I really think I have an infection.. by Bethica
I have two surface bars in my stomach, forming a diamond/cross around my belly button. At first everything was ok, and then it started to puss quite
6 tattoo rash? by chikaraxaiyoku
alright so im getting my second tattoo this coming thursday (april 7th) and i'm a bit concerned because my last tattoo (that i got about 6 months ago)
7 reply by berniefrombk
the guy said dont use bastiricin cause that is a bactreria fighter and if u do get a infection it will be immune to that and it wont help
8 Heat by Annastara
Greetings .. I just got my first tattoo yesterday! It's a sweet fairy with my daughter's first initial drawn in a morning glory vine. This morni
9 I just got my industrial, but could I have done it wrong? by readytofall624
on Saturday night, I did my own industrial. I used a hollow 16g piercing needle and sterilized my barbell, which is also 16g. I had tried the previous
10 a laundry list of stupid thing by bostonlucy
Hey, I was in yesterday for a back tattoo and have a question. I did something stupid and went to the gym today and laid on the mats and the bench pre


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