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Rating Post
1 Koi half sleeve/chest plate by qbnlykwhoa
Just got this done yesterday. My first tattoo and I love the way it is coming it out already. Going back sometime in early August to start the colorin
2 Vancouver japanese tattoo by raijin
Hi all - I'm new here! I am moving to Vancouver in 4 weeks and I need to find a good traditional Japanaese tattoo artist for my backpiece...I am st
3 New Japanese Sleeve Koi Waves Cherry blossoms by cccunnin This is my brand new tattoo, let me know what you guys think about!!
4 Meaning of a Tattoo, Any Ideas ? by TheTurk
Anyone has any idea what this tattoo means ?
5 Looking for someone experienced in Japanese style tattoos by sjcollier
I am looking to get a Japanese-style full back piece done. I lived in Japan a while back and found their tattoos the most inspiring. I have a larg
6 My Japanese Based Sleeve by cccunnin My first tattoo is based on my fascination with japanese art. I love
7 Clashing styles by stzaellis
my two favorite styles are traditional and japanese. i got my first tattoo in november on my left shoulder to start my sleeve, and this week i'm getti
8 Who is the Best Japanese Tattoo artist In Sydney Australia by TWOHAND
Hey All, I am looking for the best Japanese tattooist in Sydney Australia. I have moved from Melbourne and had most of my work done by ten-ten tatt
9 How do i improve my tattoo? by TripleTrip
Pictures of my tattoo. How do you find my tattoo? I find it too plain atm and i am thinking of ways on what to add to it, what should i add to the des
10 Looking around my town- by Chrislol
So, my third tattoo, I want it to be nice and big and beautiful. But I'm look around my town in Southeastern Ohio and I'm having a hard time judgin
11 Ben Corn: Where does he currently work? by sanjuro714
(Hi. I posted this question earlier but I guess it got erased around the time of the hack. I hope it's okay to ask this again.) I've been intereste


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