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Rating Post
1 Meaning of a Tattoo, Any Ideas ? by TheTurk
Anyone has any idea what this tattoo means ?
2 Add on to tattoo by shady08aftermath
I have the kanji symbol for determination on my calf about an inch in height the width of my calf, and its on the bulk area. does anyone have any good
3 It is scary how much this actually happens... by d3adkl0wn
4 Kanji symbol by AiAF
Hello! Has who a link of a page whit Kanji symbols? I need a Kanji symbol for fire,speed,power and energy
5 1st tattoo by uk_angel
Hiya I'm thinking of getting a chinese symbol on the bottom of my leg! i was just wundering how much will it hurt? thanks xxxxx
6 asian symbol by beauwinkle
Looking for the Asian symbol for the word "be". Any suggestions of links or references? Greatly appreciate input as I have been searching & gettin


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