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Rating Post
1 Koi half sleeve/chest plate by qbnlykwhoa
Just got this done yesterday. My first tattoo and I love the way it is coming it out already. Going back sometime in early August to start the colorin
2 Koi Tattoo *With Color!!!* by AgentOrange
Here we are, Fresh with transfer ink and all. I have to go back for color and to add the Water/Blood in a few weeks! Can't Wait [img:986
3 New Japanese Sleeve Koi Waves Cherry blossoms by cccunnin This is my brand new tattoo, let me know what you guys think about!!
4 Help with Shading and Color for my first tattoo by Cali_to
Hi Everyone, I am very glad to have found this forum. I got my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago and will have it finished this weekend. My tat
5 new koi by 1sicv8
this tattoo is my cousins. he just got it. was wondering everyones thoughts on it. just outlined now, color soon [img:b084b8c9bd]http://myspace-655
6 My Japanese Based Sleeve by cccunnin My first tattoo is based on my fascination with japanese art. I love


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