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Tattoo pictures of Leg...
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Leg Tattoos

Day of the Dead woman
Studio: Ink A Tak
Day of the Dead woman dead heart
dead heart Debbies brother
Studio: Mystic ink tattoo studio
Debbies brother Dedication to My Houston Astros
Studio: Dago's Tattoos
Dedication to My Houston Astros Dee's first tattoo
Artist: D
Studio: At Home
Dee's first tattoo deer skull
Studio: Tinas Body piercing and Tattoo
deer skull Demoness 3 - Sykka
Demoness 3 - Sykka Demonesses 1 and 2 - Kysma and Radiva
Demonesses 1 and 2 - Kysma and Radiva Destro
Studio: Comes a Time
Destro dethpsunartwork
Studio: Mom's Body Shop
dethpsunartwork devilangel
Studio: Tattoos 4 U
devilangel Diamond and Dogwood
Artist: Shack
Studio: Ink and Dagger Tattoo
Diamond and Dogwood Diane RIP
Studio: Lycan Ink
Diane RIP die die my darling wife
Studio: keipsake body emporium
die die my darling wife different tribal
Studio: Tattoo Mummy Body Art Studio
different tribal

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Locations: ankle, arm, back, butt, chest, face, feet, hands, leg, lower back, neck, ribs, stomach, upper back, wrist