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Tattoo pictures of Leg...
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Leg Tattoos

Dog Pound 4 Life
Dog Pound 4 Life dolphin cover up
Studio: k2 tattoo studio's
dolphin cover up Dolphin In Waves
Studio: Jet Set of Daytona
Dolphin In Waves Done by Sailor Andy, Cap Coleman flash
Studio: Legacy Tattoo
Done by Sailor Andy, Cap Coleman flash Done on myself
Studio: Borderline Tattoo
Done on myself Dorsia
Dorsia Dove and olive branch
Studio: ink inc.
Dove and olive branch Dragon (Gay Rainbow)
Studio: Zebra Tattooz
Dragon (Gay Rainbow) dragon cover-up
dragon cover-up dragon head
Studio: flashpoint tattoo
dragon head Dragon infinity
Studio: @home
Dragon infinity Dragon on calf
Dragon on calf Dragon Stone
Studio: Ink Alternative Studio
Dragon Stone dragon tat for my son
Studio: Body Art Pros
dragon tat for my son Dragon's tail
Artist: Timo
Studio: Urban Art II
Dragon's tail

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Locations: ankle, arm, back, butt, chest, face, feet, hands, leg, lower back, neck, ribs, stomach, upper back, wrist