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Rating Post
1 TATTOO ASS by blue boy
i am a boy 16 years old and i would like to have a tattoo on my ass.... what do you suggest?
2 I got a couple of questions. by dunce
I'm 14. My mom recently said that if I find a tattoo I REALLY REALLY like, she knows a guy that can do it for me. So I'm a bit curious of how in-depth
3 confused about laws in illinois by Skaface7
hey everyone im a noob here. well i live in IL i'm 16 and want my first tattoo i been researching for years and i know what i want and im sure about i
4 Tatooing Minors by newgreenpunk
I'm 17 and my father is willing to bring me to get a tatoo that i've wanted for over 3 years. can anyone help me-- i dont know if its legal in my stat
5 Getting My First Tattoo.. A few questions by darkdragonfly
Hi, My names Cam and Im 17 and have been wanting to get a dragonfly tattoo for some time now. I will be getting it in a few months wh


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