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1 NEW Wolf Tattoo- RATE IT. by TattooT0M
Yesterday was the day, sat down in the chair for three hours and it hurt like hell it certain spots but was worth it. Check out the new INK and let me
2 Guitar / Anchor Tattoo by tonyced26
Let me know what you think! Inherited my pop-pop's Harmony guitar (popular in the '50s), so it's a concept i designed to remember him and to remind my
3 CONGRATS PHANTOM!! by sadie703
just wanna say congrats to Phantom on his new baby boy, hes so cute!!!!
4 Be on TV AND get a FREE TATTOO by InkmasterNYC
LOOKING TO GET INKED? TRY SPIKE TV Open Casting Call Looking For Human Canvases For Tattoo Competition Reality Series Are you all inked up and rea
5 Hola! by emetophobia
I thought "Hey, why not introduce myself?" So here I am. Ello, all. I'm Ana. Uhm. I'm not very good at introductions, so sue me. Well...
6 I want to get tattoos everywhere but I dont want to copy? by NeedSomeHelpBro
I want to get sleeves, chest, and neck tattoos. I basically want to be covered for the most part. I have ideas, but like. I don't want to copy anyone
7 Hey Guys! by Parekura
Hey guys, my name is Edward, I'm 27 years old from Israel. I have a big fascination with tattoos and when I was younger I designed tattoos for some
8 Recommended New Orleans Tattoo Artists by North
Hi, before I go out and try out every damn shop in the city. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Links to Artist's or Shop's websites
9 Outline of new tattoo uneven? by emilyrc
I got a single colour tattoo on my upper forearm about a month ago, and the outline of it on the inside of the circle seems to be uneven now. No, I do
10 New tattoo enthusiast here, loads of questions. by Fioleris
Hey all, I am a 16 year old guy. I live in NYC and have considered getting a tattoo for the past few years. My parents are totally cool with it as
11 I need an artist's help. by cfryar
I am wanting a chest piece but need someone to draw it up for me. I have something similiar to what I want but it isn't exact to my liking. If someo
12 New Tattoo Help by locoARG07
Hey everyone i am an eighteen year-old high school graduate currently living in Argentina on a Rotary Youth Exchange and would like to get some Ink to
13 New Tattoo Studio by kellyxo
It was hilarious I was working at the hairdressers when the owner of the shop next door came over and said they were opening a tattoo shop. She wants
14 New tattoo appears to be fading in patches by Steve488
Two days ago I got my first tattoo, a black rampant lion on my right shoulder. I have followed all the aftercare instructions carefully, but today I d
15 Need Help with a Tattoo Idea by KCspaniel
I've thought about it a lot and while it may seem like a sorta weird idea for a tattoo, it's something kind of personal. I want a tattoo that in some
16 Greek Mythology - Poseidon Color Sleeve - NYC Artist by ym1775
Hey guys, I am looking to get a full color sleeve done and I've had a really hard time finding an artist that can take on this project as what I wa
17 inking tips by vonbutch
iv been learning to tat2 from a friend who's got years an years experiance unfortunatly we'v fell out big time,i had bought all my own equiptment an n
18 New tattoo in the chicagoland area by touchdownmoney
I'm 18 years of age and am looking to get a 4"x4" (plus or minus) on the left Pectoralis Majoris (On the chest over the heart). I am looking
19 Could someone help me pic a tattoo? by Twistedshadow50
Hey guys I'm new on here, Iv been trying to think of what I should get in this area that I have left, it's an awkward spot but I don't just want to ge
20 New tattoo peeling and fading by Domain16
I got a new tattoo about a week ago and it looked great but after about 4 days it started peeling and fading I know this is normal but it is much wo


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