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1 Rash near my tattoo, help by maureen07
OKAY so. i got my first tattoo a little over a week ago now. i got it on my left ankle. they told me to put on a&d ointment for three days, then t
2 Toe tattoo question by GhiaGirl
I lost a toe nail recently and think i want to get a tattoo on the toe (where the toe nail will grow back and cover the tattoo but you should still be
3 New Tattoo by KatNigh
It's Schmee!! from the comics Squee and JTHM. :l
4 1st tattoot. Thigh tatt...Questions need answers:-) by tattlove
I just got a piece done on the outside of my thigh. Its my first so i guess im just a little paranoid. Its fairly large and today is only the third da
5 Look what I got by MaraJade
Okay, not like Im really looking for approval since I already got this and love it, but I thought Id post a picture of my new tattoo here since you
6 Really need your input for new tattoo!!! by craftmastercolin
I have two tattoos and looking to get a third. I'd really like to get it on my ribs. I'm a 22 year old guy for the record. Below is a link to a tattoo
7 So I Finally Got My Tattoo (picture) by Jenna
And I'm not totally happy. I put a lot of thought into it too, which really bums me out. So.. A. It's not
8 Bumps on healing tattoo? by ijpearson
So I got my tattoo about 2 weeks ago, and like my artist told me, I used Aquaphor for the first 3 days, and then switched to a fragrance and dye free
9 need some help by jjnicca
ok, well this is not my first tattoo. i have a few others. im just wondering if i can get some help from any really great artists in making one of my
10 Estimated timing? by Emziloe
This is my first large tattoo so I'm trying to figure out how much it will cost and since I'm still looking at two different artists and they both cha
11 Any way to swim with a recently touched up tattoo? by Emziloe
I know there probably isn't a way to swim when I've just had my tattoo touched up but I figured I'd ask just in case. I got my tattoo touched up y
12 Concerned about little yellow bubbles on new ink by lolaversuslola
Hey everyone ! I I'm very excited to say that I got my first actual tattoo yesterday (I got a little one a
13 New tattoo, healing well? by pollietollie
So I got this tattoo: done in Paris on the 4th of April, and it's still healing a bit but I'm getting a bit worried. At first
14 Can new tattoo be 'fixed' next day? by Dani0682
I got a new tattoo about 15 hours ago. I noticed there is a mistake that can easily be fixed. Can I get this touched up within 24 hours of getting i
15 sunshine by conser
i had 2 tats about 5 days ago and im goin to ibiza in 3 weeks. could the sun damage the tattoo?
16 Hey guys, need help with an idea by GDare
Hi, I'm new to the forums. I'm working on a design for a tattoo on my left shoulder/arm. I'm considering a personalized Celtic shield design. I cre
17 New tattoo? by ehren
I don't know if this is legit, but I'm actually looking to get my first tattoo, and I'm trying to get a good design that I like. Maybe if I describe i
18 what could this be? by allibuck
I just got my first tattoo about a week and a half ago. It's healing up nicely, with very minimal peeling. Anyway, so a couple of days ago I started
19 noob scab question pics included by spiffyjiffy
Hey guys, So I got my first tattoo about two weeks ago on my thigh. I've been very diligent with aftercare but unfortunately after work last night w


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