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Forum >> All Tags >> pain
Rating Post
1 THE PAIN FACTOR!! by conser
ok people just for fun let me know wot hurt you most.
2 Questions about getting a tattoo for the first time by puppylove374
I really want to get a tattoo. But i want to know about it can anyone tell me thier experince with getting a tattoo does it hurt when they do it? how
3 :? does it really hurt as much as it sounds????????????? by big chris
:? is it true that your tattoo bleeds after u get it done? Also what size needle do u use because i heard its thick and long?
4 Armbands by ramzev1
Hey y'all, I'm new here. I'm glad to find you. I have a question about armbands. I've got 3 tat's so far and next I want an armband. I've got
5 feeling the pain after a tattoo on my rib cage by emma
:!: hi i got a tattoo of a daisy chain from the top of my ribs and was supposed to go to my belly button but i had to quit half way down as the pain w
6 does it hurt by babyface564
Hey im thinking about getting a tattoo and i really don't know anything about them. So i was wondering does it hurt more in certain areas and where d
7 I got a couple of questions. by dunce
I'm 14. My mom recently said that if I find a tattoo I REALLY REALLY like, she knows a guy that can do it for me. So I'm a bit curious of how in-depth
8 Any Such Thing As A Painless Tattoo? by angel2620
Hello everyone! I want to get my first tattoo, but I am terrified of needles. :roll: I know there is probably no such thing
9 I Survived the back.. by Jade177
I have "Imagine" Across my shoulders and that didnt hurt horribly bad. It sucked, but i never once wanted to stop. could i take the pain
10 Tattoo on knee...How painful???? by DemonObrien
Ok, this Sat., I go in for the T.I.E. fighter on my knee. I'm lookin' at at least 2 hours "under the needle". I usually imagine it's gonna'
11 I am gauging my ears, Again, And i jumped from a 6 to a 2! by NinaCMartin
Last night. Well not exactly. I shoved a 4 taper in and it went in with no problems so I decided to keep going. So I put a 2 in, and now my ears are s
12 new one by breakofday
This summer, I am going to get a tattoo with my friends. I know exactly what I want and I am pretty sure where. I want it in the middle of my upper ba
13 Sole of foot by BRAW
In regards to a tattoo on the sole of your foot, in the middle of the arch, would it even be worth getting one or would it fade quickly? I have also h
14 ? Foot Tattoo by pagizmo
Thinking about getting a tattoo on the top of my foot...Just wondering how much pain I might encounter. First tattoo was on the bottom of my back. P
15 leg tattoo. heavy scabbing and pain behind knee by sdelaney652
Hi my name is samantha. I got my second tattoo a week ago and its a tribal Polynesian design that starts mid calf and goes down my whole leg
16 I just got my industrial, but could I have done it wrong? by readytofall624
on Saturday night, I did my own industrial. I used a hollow 16g piercing needle and sterilized my barbell, which is also 16g. I had tried the previous


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