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Rating Post
1 Concerned about symbology by banshee
Hello all, I'm new to these forums, didn't even realise there were tattoo forums out there! I have been searching for a tattoo for my upper back
2 Looking for Tattoo Artist in Wisconsin by ab210
I've been working on my design for the past 2 years now (a henna-inspired phoenix), and I'm looking for someone in Wisconsin to take it to the next le
3 Phoenix Artists by little taboo
Hi, I thought I would ask here as I'm the only one with a tattoo in my circle of friends & the yellow pages aren't going to tell me anything... Wi
4 PHOENIX, AZ Mandarin, Cantonese? by Fearfleaaa
I am looking to get some calligraphy on my back, but i'd like for it to be in a Chinese language. So, I would think that I would need an artist who kn
5 I'd like some opinions about altering this design please.. by mrelwooddowd
I've searched and searched for just the right phoenix, and I finally found something I like. I'm not so sure about the colors, though, and would like


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