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1 Tattoos and Other Body Modification in the Workplace. Canada by Panic
There has been a discrimination issue across Canada for a very long time and I think itís about time we put an end to it. Businessí have been permi
2 Out of curiosity by Nerevarina
I was curious if there are meanings attached to certain areas of the ear being pierced. I understand that it is all by preference where and what... b
3 Grand Opening of Anarchy Tattoo MI... by AnarchyTattoos
Aug. 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2008 - Grand Opening! Two lucky customers will receive $100 tattoos each for FREE! 824 B Milham Road Portage, MI 490
4 Orbital Healing Oddly by Aerith
I had an orbital piercing (through the top of the ear cartilage) done about two and a half months ago. I'm healing it with a single ring, which fits
5 new tragus piercing by crazyforit
hey, okay... well i want to get my tragus pierced, and i'm going to before the end of this month.. but i just had some questions that i wanted to kno
6 Propaganda Tattoo gets voted best in San Diego 2008 by propagandatattoo
Propaganda is the most friendly shop I have ever been to. Thanks to Zoger, Blaze and Travis for showing us a great time and giving us really nice tat
7 9th Annual AZ Tattoo Expo by SageOConnell
9th Annual AZ Tattoo Expo May 1-3, 2009 Location: Mesa Convention Center Reservations: 888-236-2427 Contact Informati
8 lip piercing question by stormyj05
hey! okay, so here's my situation, i pierced my lip about 3 weeks ago. I did it myself with a piercing kit. Everything was sterile, and i have had
9 Re-Piercing (ears) by ForLearninSake
Hi guys, Five years ago, I got my left ear pierced. It hurt and felt entirely too awkward, unlike the piercings in my right ear, so I ended up takin
10 SEARCHING FOR A JOB by dobermann
Hi there, I'm looking for a place to work as a piercer, guest piercer or holiday replacement. I took my test as a state licenced piercer in Aust


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