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Piercing Aftercare

Proper standards for a piercing parlor

Make sure to check the oral section if you recently got a mouth piercing

  • DO NOT USE: Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Triple – Antibiotic Ointment, or Ear Care Solutions. We are also recommending that you limit your use of antibacterial soaps- as they can irritate your new piercing. (AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE.)
  • Choose a mild, PH balanced cleanser, like Castile, glycerin – based, or oatmeal soaps. You can usually obtain any or all of these soaps from a grocery or health food store. Teatree oil is also a good choice. (AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE)
  • Also, use saline solution to rinse your piercing, to soothe and help it heal.
  • Cleanse your hands thoroughly before cleaning your piercing.
  • Twice daily, using a Q-tip or finger, clean your piercing with your choice of soap on both ends of the hole, working the soap in by sliding the ring or barbell through.
  • Rinse well with lots of warm water.
  • When crusty or sticky, rinse well with saline solution.
  • Saline Soaks: Soaking your piercing for several minutes daily speeds healing greatly and makes you much more comfortable. (AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE)

  • To care for Mouth Piercings (lips, tongues, labrets, etc.) during the first two weeks, rinse often with antiseptic mouth rinse…as much as 8 – 10 times daily. Healing time for mouth piercings are approximately 2 weeks.
  • Swelling:
    • During the first week, your new mouth piercing may swell (some people more than others). To alleviate the pressure you should be pierced with an overlong piece of jewelry to compensate for potential swelling.
    • In addition, you can help reduce swelling by chewing ice and avoiding hot foods/drinks. Be very careful chewing.
    • You may also choose to take an anti-inflammatory (such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen) to help reduce swelling. (AVAILABLE IN OUR STORE)