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Rating Post
1 I need a PRICE QUOTE by Dusty77
Hey Im looking to get THIS tattoo its john frusciantes octopus tattoo (of the red hot chili peppers) Can someon
2 helppppp! by iloveyoujay
im getting my first tattoo this weekend. whats the price range in cali for a 2 and a half inch diameter tat of a screaming face w/ a peace sign in the
3 Price This Please? :D by PandaMolleh
Getting it on the underside of left forearm. Probably 3 1/2 - 4 inches long. I know that I shouldn't get someone elses tattoo, but when I saw this it
4 First tattoo(s). need help with pricing. by srsandage
Hey guys. I'll appreciate any help I can get and wont be dissapointed if the information I get here isn't exact. With that said, I am interested in ge
5 First tattoo: Price estimate??? by oliver811


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