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1 living with 3/4 sleeve issues? by Mustard
Hi all spoke with the artist late last week about my idea for my first ink. Me and my 2 brothers will be getting basically the same theme. He me
2 Advice Needed on Large Tattoo Problem by fuzdrum
Hello, About a year ago I had a large tattoo done on across my shoulders. It was the biggest piece I have had done and took a while to heal.
3 Bloodstained ink by thylacine
I had a multicoloured lizard placed on my forearm about 4 weeks ago and the light colours are showing blood mixed through. Will it dissapear over tim
4 Problems with every piercing. by JessyBee
Since i started having piercings, iv had problems with every single 1 f them, and iv had....hold on...lemme think..... 20. Ive had problems with all o
5 New tattoo appears to be fading in patches by Steve488
Two days ago I got my first tattoo, a black rampant lion on my right shoulder. I have followed all the aftercare instructions carefully, but today I d


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