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1 "Natural" Tattoo questions by rocknrollbaby
hi guys, ive got really sensitive skin, allergic to chlorine, cheap metals (for piercings) etc, and I was wondering if there was any alternative/natu
2 What does this mean?I have no clue... by meteorboy
Here is a tattoo of someone I know, but I have no clue what it means, and he won't tell me. He says any tattoo parlor will know what it means. Can any
3 Estimated timing? by Emziloe
This is my first large tattoo so I'm trying to figure out how much it will cost and since I'm still looking at two different artists and they both cha
4 Which artist can pull this off perfect!? by TattooT0M
I currently live in NJ and I have had my eye on this tattoo for awhile and I want to make the move to get it done but have to have the right artist to
5 Cudi Tattoo by mjnotto
Would it be able to get this tattoo done, the thing that seems like it might not work is when the fire is over the cudi around the edges
6 First Tattoo - Ignorance :S by sweetsong
Is it alright to bring in pictures of other artist's (not neccessarily tattoo artists) designs to show the kind of style that I want. Or is that cons


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