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1 Public service announcement by BadWolf
Many of the people I have talked to who got into tattooing without training do not use an autoclave, or own one. They feel they can justify this by cl
2 getting started...what all do i need. by minitruknchris
where do i go to get a lisence, and what all do i need to have n hand b4 i go? long after tating can u go back to touch up and add.?
3 Could someone help me by tatusie10
I'm from New Jersey,Jersey City......I've been tattooing for 4yrs my skills are very good, and i just need someone to lead me in the right direction.
4 Tattoo kits & supplies being sold online by kuleighpaulsmith
:evil: I have noticed since finding this forum that there is a strong push by professionals here to discourage home tattooing ( as there should be
5 hepatitis by hooves
The other day, one of the transcription girls was typing up a report for a patient for the floors. She turns and says outloud to us, "Wow, this p
6 Practic Skin by Inkedbutterflywb
Is practice skin a total waste of money or does it do some good?
7 Providing a technical section for tattoo professionals... by everytattoo
This is a question that has been asked many times before and as the site grows it ought to be a question that is addressed. The obvious gains would b
8 Tattoing... Just gotta do it! by Kitty Von English
Greetings, I am looking for a fourm where I can interact with prof. and learning tatttoo artisits, in order to hone my own skills. I gained interes
9 WHAT IS THE POINT.....just for you Badwolf!! by just383
This could be a nice place to find some help....but NO, It is the same BS..If you don't know don't ask me...Talk to your mentor.....What is the point.
10 brass by hurt228
can someone tell me if and why brass frames need a yoke and if shims are ok insted thanks
11 need to practice tattooing by tpole68
i am learning to tattoo...i have noone around to apprentice from...i am tattooing myself and wife....i am taking it very slow and trying to be mindful
13 Apprentice Angst by modifaerie
I have been apprenticeing to be a tattoo artist for close to a year now. Body modification and more specifically tattoos are my life. I get very upset
14 Scratcher Inc. by soulmindfist
I did the 5th one...jus kidding. scratcher? u decide.
15 New Artist Looking For Help!!!! by Darknessaponthesewings
Im 17 years old, and Ive been interested in this career for a long time. Ive built up my portfolio but im not sure how to go about asking a real tatto
16 *sigh* A Little Rant by lady4christ
:evil: I am really mad and I wanted to share my frustration with people who would understand. On some of my prior posts, I mentioned some i
17 just venting... by CxCx
I need to know if I'm out of line here or not : I'm working tonight (not apprenticing, but working one of my part-time jobs) and a friend comes up
18 Art Majors in Tattooing by SpenceW
Ok, this is my first post and im obviously a noob so thanks for noticing, I have no interest in handling a needle at this point. I want to learn to d
Need Technical info? Technical information will NOT be supplied on these public forums. Do not ask for it, because
20 What's the ratio? by catgal
Since we've been talking about tattoo ratings lately, this question has been on my mind. What percentage of tattooers do you think are: scratche
21 stayin alive by Inkpacker
can an tattoo artist survive in a shop not having had an appreticeship
22 Yet another annoying question by lady4christ
First off, let me reassure you by telling you I am not interested in EVER being a tattoo professional. This is not because I dislike the artform, on t
23 "no outline" tattoos by kuleighpaulsmith
Ok, it seems that there's a shortage of actual discussion here...mostly home tattooers asking dumb questions... So, skipping the "how to" part, sin
24 technical info by Inkpacker
Can somebody tell me why "we don't discuss technical info" whats that all about ? This is a forum after all,having to do with tattoos,.......Am i in
25 Nice job asshole! by BadWolf I hope someone sues this idiot for everything she ever has. This should be a lesson to a
26 Ink Skips by GUSTO1968
I just got a new set of Inks from an online wholesaler. When I am coloring it seems that the color isnt as "FULL" as I am used to. I tried a few diffe
27 to anyone who reads this by whoanelly
hi, i am new at tattooign and I have some questions for anyone who is an artist.. I have a tattooing machine and I have the foot pedal and most of the
28 a hard leson to learn but hey i'm slow ok? by hurt228
the two of you are right but let me make one thing clear i was a joke about tattooing out of dumpsters a bad one at that i know meny people with
I am wanting to open my own tattoo and piercing shop and i need to know what percautions i
30 Thermal transfer paper. by tattoodjeeper
i was wondering how to use thermal transfer paper without buting the machine? thanks for the time
31 help any one by hthraven
:?: ive loked for a apprentiship an in the sate i live in the closest place is 60 miles away an the man running it says hes already got 3 apprentice t
32 learning and practice by brandy
ive reacently started learning to tattoo, and i love doing it, but it sometimes seems slow going. and im curious to know how mush practice have othe
33 how to get started by firefrog74
i would like to know if there is some one to tell me how to get license what i need to do what test to take and all stuuf i would have to know to get
34 Flash to skin by cj
:roll: Having trouble transferring flash to skin, some times it looks great other times it sux. What
35 problem with moving by hthraven
if it was just me alone i wouldnt mind moving or traveling only thing is im a single parent an if i move out of state i lose custody of my
36 hints, tips, anything...please! by veddersmygod
soo... a few months ago i bougth a tattoo gun and all the goodies because i decided "fuck, i like art and i like tattoos, that will be fun". and ive d
37 new tattoo artist looking for some help by motoloco92
First of all, Hi everyone im new to the forum.. now to the question.. My good friend has just bought his first tattoo gun and is planning to start giv
38 Couldn't believe my ears! by InkStained
I heard a radio ad last week for a shop that said "...and for the aspiring tattoo artist, we sell complete tattoo kits." "Amazing" I thought. That'
39 Home tattoos... by chocolate-n-cherries69
A while ago I attempted to do my own tattoo. I had no idea what I was doing, and now I'm stuck with a really stupid looking, sideways, scaring/tattoo
40 General mechanics of tattooing by Tannim
I know this probably going to get my flamed, but I'm curious and I hope that somone out there can give me an answer. First let me say I do **NO


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