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Rating Post
1 Good tattoo gone bad?? Need suggestions by jstanotherenthusiast
Hi all, I got my first tattoo done a month back.I am posting images of how it looks like now. I am not very happy with how the tattoo looks li
2 NEW Wolf Tattoo- RATE IT. by TattooT0M
Yesterday was the day, sat down in the chair for three hours and it hurt like hell it certain spots but was worth it. Check out the new INK and let me
3 Help with Shading and Color for my first tattoo by Cali_to
Hi Everyone, I am very glad to have found this forum. I got my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago and will have it finished this weekend. My tat
4 Scalp Shading/Tinting w/Tattooing for Thin Hair by Susan Thurman
I have heard of scalp tattooing/shading/tinting for people with thin/fine hair. It is used to camouflage thinning hair for men and women. Can anyone t
5 inking tips by vonbutch
iv been learning to tat2 from a friend who's got years an years experiance unfortunatly we'v fell out big time,i had bought all my own equiptment an n
6 Cover up or laser? by Jaime5117
I got this tattoo several years ago. I hated it then and I hate it know. The shading is what I hate most about it. I need to know if I can cover it up


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