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Rating Post
1 I've come to think of a very cool tattoo motive, but... by Muo
...but has it yet been made? Imagine a tattoo going from the bottom of the t-shirt sleeve to around the shoulder not s
2 Help with tattoo design, please :) by elmourra99
Hey, I'm new here and I just love tattoos. I've been thinking of getting my first tattoo, somewhere maybe in my right forearm or right shoulder. I am
3 New Tattoo question I couldn't find an answer to by psychoslo
Hi, I'm a 19 year old who wants to get his first tattoo. I already know what I want and where I want it, but I just have one kinda iffy problem. I am
4 Is the Deltoid a bad place to ink words? by moxie4blood1986
I am getting my first tattoo in the next few days; it will be a large word (about 5 inches long) in hebrew with the remainder of the biblical verse in
5 Tips for a Fix by Blue Knight
I am getting a few tats on my shoulder touched up. (Armband and cross) It was done by a different artist, but this artist can make it look a lot bett
6 Your opinions on location of tattoos~ by Caddy
Hey everyone. I don't like going through a whole bunch of websites searching for galleries about locations of tattoos so i thought id ask here about a


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